C ells interpret and respond to environmental cues using a signaling network comprising chemical and physical interactions between molecules that, ultimately, modulate cellular behavior. Cells maintain reliable cue-signal-response relationships despite significant biological “noise”. When cells are infected by pathogens, we hypothesize that this cell-to-cell variability is important both for mounting an effective immune response by the host and, in some cases, for pathogen evasion of the host’s response. Our group applies quantitative, systems–level experimental and computational approaches to study how intercellular signaling heterogeneity regulates host–pathogen innate immune interactions in macrophages and HIV latency in T cells.

About Prof. Miller–Jensen

Kathryn is an Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering at Yale. Before joining the faculty, she was an NIH Postdoctoral Fellow at UC Berkeley in the Schaffer laboratory.

Kathryn worked previously at the National Academies, Merck Pharmaceuticals, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Monitor Group. She received her Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering at MIT with Doug Lauffenburger. and her B.E. & B.A. degrees at Dartmouth College.

She can be reached via either of the following methods:

Lab News

Ramesh's device is in the news. . Posted 2015-07-15

Ramesh, Victor, and Arvind's paper is published in Integrative Biology. . Posted 2015-06-28

Qiong's and Yao's paper is published in Science Signaling . Qiong and Yao compared data from isolated single-cell assays to data from populations of cells to demonstrate that paracrine signaling is essential for stimulating a full LPS secretion response. . Posted 2015-06-16

Linda, Victor, and Arvind present posters at the Keystone HIV conference in Boston. Linda, Victor, and Arvind presented posters at the recent Keystone conference, Mechanisms of HIV Persistence: Implications for a Cure. Posted 2015-04-26

Victor Bass (MCDB student) joined our lab. Welcome, Victor!. Posted 2015-03-06

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Our laboratory is located in the heart of the Yale campus between old campus and Science Hill. You can reach us by phone at (203) 432‑4265.

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